Saturday, August 1, 2009

Psst, We get to go to church tomorrow.

Join me in a fun little tangent that my daughter took me on today.

This morning my family and I made the pilgrimage to DH's parents house to spend a few days visiting. As we were driving I heard princess #1 lean over to princess #2 and whisper, "we get to go to church tomorrow." Of all of the things for her to whisper and be excited about. Well, ain't that something.

It warms my heart that she gets so excited about going to worship our Lord. It also makes me a little sad. We moved to the area we now live in about a year ago. We only moved across town but if you are at all familiar with Houston you know the term "urban sprawl" is an understatement. We loved our previous church but we have moved across Houston and desire to be apart of a church in the community we live. We have visited numerous churches and we just can't seem to find a home. We're searching again and are hopeful that the Lord has prepaired that special place just for us. But in the mean time let the angels rejoice that a little soul has found a place in her heart for Christ.
Do your little dear touch your heart that way?
Thanks for joining me.

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