Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mad Hatter Tea Party Invitations

Princess #1 turned 9 in August. School doesn't start until a couple of weeks after her birthday so most families are still entrenched in Summer while preparing for the upcoming school year. In past years we've simply had family parties or done something special for her birthday. This year we really want to have a kid party for her. Since the party will take place after her actual birthday how about a very merry "unbirthday"? Tea anyone?

First order of business: Invitations. What do you make for a Mad Hatter Tea party for an invitation? How about a "mad" hat.

I found a package of brightly patterned cardstock. (50% off at Hobby Lobby!)

Raspberry colored paper, because you have to be able to read the invitation.

12 envelopes in a scrumptuous teal that coordinates with the cardstock.

Various supplies that I already had on hand.

I found a kooky top hat on the internet. It wasn't the size I needed for an invitation so I used the outline of the hat to help me sketch a larger hat.

I traced the outline of the hat onto the cardstock and cut it out. I made a hat band out of a sort of coordinating cardstock and tucked the raspberry paper with the invitation on it behind the hat band to look like the tag that the Mad Hatter has tucked into his hat band. And voila a mad hat invitation.
I'm linking this to Maman Tattoo's $15 project link.

So did I accomplish $15 or under for 12 hand made custom Mad Hat invitations? Here's the break down.

Cardstock (50% off of $19.99): $10
3 pieces of raspberry paper at 29 cents each: $0.87
Envelopes (package of 12): $2.99
Total materials: $13.86
8.25% tax: $1.14
Grand total: an even $15

I could have used plain invitations for less. Or maybe I could have used the plain invitations with the origional hat that I used to help me make my template pasted to the front, but once again I made it complicated.

Thanks for stopping by.


PS. I added this to Kimba's ASPTL DIY Thursday link party.


  1. Now I have the song stock in my head.
    I've just listened to the movie this week.
    Can you beleive I had never saw Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland before?
    But now I'm ok and I feel normal!

    .... The invitation text is clever and I love the bigger hat :)

    Thanks for enterring my party!

  2. These are so sweet and creative. What a lucky little girl.

  3. What a great idea! I totally understand your dilemma. My birthday usually falls on Labor Day or the first day of school. It's an awkward time to get people together. Your invites are beautiful!

  4. We are doing a Teacher Appreciation Lunch - theme Mad-Hatter Tea - this is exactly the shaped hat I was looking to find. Thanks!! KD


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