Friday, August 7, 2009

A family tradition means decorating for free

My family loves to spend time together outside. We enjoy trekking through the woods, walking on the beach, and bushwhacking through the brush. My husband and I both work so our excursions outside are a special time for us. Consequently my kids have quickly learned to find beauty in nature. It has become our habit to pick up treasures when we find them. It's like a treasure hunt and when we find something it's exciting.

We had been collecting items for a couple of years without a place to put them until we found the perfect item to display them on in my M-i-L's garage. There in the back corner of the garage was a wooden shelf with 48 compartments. Score! My M-i-l was happy to get it out of her garage, and we had a place to display our treasures and memories.

We pick up sand from different beaches we visit, feathers we find, pieces of driftwood, rocks, and shells.
One of our favorite things in the shark tooth we found on the beach ourselves.

More favorites are our fossils
There is also the sand and rock that we picked up on a trip to Washington State.
The only problems is the the shelf is getting full and my kids are young. I'm gonna run out of space. Happy collecting.


  1. I love your shelf and all the neat mementos you have found and saved! It looks great!

  2. The shelf is a great find! I love the way you get to display your treasures. Maybe you can start retiring some older ones as you discover more. But I'm sure you'll think of something creative and wonderful when the time comes!


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