Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hangin' with the Family

While visiting family I’m working on a project for Princess #1’s room. I haven’t gotten it finished yet so I thought I would share some random pictures that we’ve take over the past couple of days.

We spied this nest about an outdoor light. It’s been abandoned because the area is in the carport and is disturbed often. I climbed up on a ladder and took this picture, but we took it down because it needed to be removed. There were 5 eggs the bird had left in the nest. Hopefully the bird will be wiser in choosing a location for the nest next time.

We hung out at the grandparents and had homemade ice cream. I thought it was so beautiful in this blue chippy bowl with the silver spoon.
We ventured into some of the near by towns. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant that had some pretty décor.

The princesses just had to pose on this bench outside of the resteraunt.

My M-i-l took us to her favorite nursery. This place had some really interesting plants.

The princesses made friends with a parrot at the nursery.

Fresh bails of hay.

A little more ice cream, it is summer after all.

I’ll get back to decorating my house…soon. Hope everyone’s having a fun summer.


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