Sunday, August 9, 2009


One of the reasons I sort of got hooked on blogs was the thrifty finds and ideas that all of the ladies were sharing. Well, I went out to one of my local thrift shops this past week and came away with some great finds. This is a local thrift shop that supports a charity, and its el primo cheapo! I thought I’d share my jack pot with you today and participate in Rhoda's Thrift store treasures Monday.

Princess #1 is having a Mad Hatter tea party/ very merry un-biirthday themed birthday party this year since her b-day is at the end of the summer, and we’re waiting until after the start of the school year to throw her one. The guests will be both boys and girls so I have been collecting pretty tea cups for the girls and whimsical mugs for the boys to use.
I thought these would work.
I couldn't resist the white rabbit planter to use for a center piece. I think I’m following it right down the rabbit hole.
These are for candles, but I won't be using them that way. I'm thinking cloches!
I got this great stemware. I'm thinking I can use them for table scaping with candles or floating flowers in them. They would be cute for dessert also. Princess #1 has already suggested we use the champagne glasses for New Years.
Look at the detail on the stem. I love it!
I found this silver plated dish. It has "Wallace EPNS 6451N" stamped on the back. From the research I've done on the Net it's not really valuable, but I thought this was a pretty pattern.
A small nick knack display shelf could be useful. I was thinking of panting it white for one of the princesses rooms, but I may use it some where else. Painted though, of course.
2 yards of Waverly black fabric at $.75 a Yard, awesome.
I don’t actually need another dining table, but I could not resist buying this table for the price of $20. I am still doing the happy dance. We’re going to take the top off and make the table narrower so that it could be use for a buffet or a sofa table.
I mean look at those legs! Gorgeous!
Total cost of all of my finds including that $20 table with the stunning legs: $28.92 cents
I'll bet you thought I was done. Well, I'm not. I was taking the kids to their respective summer programs and low and behold around the corner from my house someone is cleaning out their garage. I spied these magnificent treasures at the curb side. Yeah, I did it. I dug through the trash in my own neighborhood.
Look at this chair, talk about patina. Cost?: $O
What about this cute little stool. All it needs is to have the seat woven. How much was this? That's right ZERO moolah.
Hmmm, what can I do with this? Oh the possibilities, and oh yeah free-ee.
I think these former table legs may grace my kitchen window as a part of a window treatment or mistreatment as the Nester would say. And again I paid nothin'!
Oh so many possibilities for these table legs. Anyone have any suggestions about how I should use these that I got for free, free, free-ee?
Oh and I can't leave out this cute wooden wall shelf, that I paid nothin' for. (Sorry about being obnoxious, but I just get so excited about getting such great finds for free-ee.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else got this week. Hope ya'll scored big!



  1. Hi Amanda !
    I love your eye , super creative !!I want to see that table after you make it smaller - I've never heard of anyone doing that. I love those legs too !

  2. Wow! You found lots of great stuff! I love that table, the old chair, and the shelf! I am intrigued to see what you do with all your found goodies!

  3. The first thing I noticed about your table was those gorgeous legs! You got a bargain on that! And I can't wait to see how you use all your freebies. Aren't freebies the best?!?!

  4. I love all the things that you've found. I would have jumped on that table for $20! Jackie

  5. That table is wonderful. I am doing the happy dance with you my friend.

  6. Wow, great finds! I have that same little stool that I bought for a buck about ten years ago. Rewove the seat with rope, and now it's about time to do it again. It spends most of its time in the yard, where I sit on it to weed, pick tomatoes, feed the fish in the pond. You'll love it.

  7. Love your finds, recycling at it's best! Lovely blog, will be back soon.

  8. Awesome finds! Those table legs are fantastic!

    Could you use the other legs to make a rolling island or worktable of sorts? Those are great!

  9. Wow, I need to come shopping in your neighborhood!
    Thanks for linking up to Trash to Treasure Tuesday, please remember to link back to REINVENTED in your post, thanks!

  10. Nice to meet you Amanda! Love all your, you did score! I love vintage glasses and that table is beautiful! Swing by and visit me when you get the chance! ps...I tried to follow you, but blogger is having issues this morning. I'll have to do it another day.

    Decor mamma

  11. I can't wait to see what you do with those table legs! Sounds like a great project!

  12. I can't wait to see what you do with those table legs. Sounds like a great project!


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