Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birds of a feather

Why is it that we find birds such a great decorative touch? Is it because of they add a touch of whimsy? Is it because they remind us of freedom and flight? For what ever reason I have a lot of things bird related I'm sharing a few today to participate in the Feathered Friends Party over at The Shabby Chic Cottage.

Here is a little tweety friend that hangs from the chandelier in my dining room. I love the blue design on him. He's so sweet.
This little guy lives in the nest that was abandoned and needed to be removed from a carport. I got this guy in a package of 6 little white birds. They're peppered all over my house now.
I tucked one in with some shells in a candle scape.
Two more have made a nest here.
This little one landed in this raffia nest
These little guys live in a whole little birdie vingette. One made a nest in my candle holder. I guess her felt comfortable since it was sitting next to my red toile plate with the bird in the middle of the plate. I wish I had gotten a better image of the one sitting on the table he has this pretty cut out design on his back.
These guys are a little bit of a funny, at least to me. Their quail so I thought they were Texas' answer to white bird figurines since quail hunting is very popular in Texas. So here is my Texas version of decorating with our feathered friends.
A few found feathers sprinkled around the house.
A lovely little found peacock feather.
I even found a few birds in my girls rooms.

Princess #2 loves her duckies.

Hope you've enjoyed meeting some of my feathered friends.



  1. I love all your birds and nests! You've used them beautifully throughout the house.

  2. Very cute! I'm not participating; just visiting.

  3. Hello sweet Amanda - thank you for sharing your sweet birdies with us! My fave is the white one nestled in with the shells.


  4. beautiful birds - enjoyed seeing them!

  5. Really enjoyed looking at your collection. Loved the red plate, plant and bird.

  6. Such a cute collection of sweet liitle birds! Thanks for sharing! Miss Bloomers

  7. I participated in this event too, however I must have missed your post :( (there were so many). I'm so glad I found you!!! Your birdies are so precious!.. I especially love all the little white ones!
    Hugs, Jenny


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