Friday, July 31, 2009

Treasures of Time

When I saw that Marie from Emma Calls Me Mama was hosting an Heirloom Party I was so excited. I have been given several pieces of furniture by my mother and mother-in-law. I love each and every piece. My mother-in-law has given me two pieces that were used in her home for many years: a coffee table that belonged to her mother, as well as a dining room set, that includes a gated table that I just adore, that belonged to my husband's paternal grandparents.

I have seen pictures of the dining table over flowing with family while it still sat in my husbands grandparent's home. If I had to guess I would say that at least a hundred people have sat around that table in its existence. Think of all of those family dinners, Bible studies, and all night Nerts tournaments that that table has seen. I love to think that one day each of these pieces will find a new home in one of my daughter's houses. I think I'll love sitting at that table then just for the fact that they will be serving me. (A thought I need to keep in mind while packing lunch boxes this school year.)

The pieces I really want to tell you about today are two cabinets that I have gotten from my parents. When I was a little girl I had a yellow wardrobe in my room that my parents called a shif-a-robe. It's not the highest quality piece of furniture, but for a child it serves it's purpose. And it's a sweet child size wardrobe. The yellow has survived since I was a child. When we resurrected it from my parents garage to use in the elder princesses room I decided that it needed a little updating and added the ball feet on the bottom. Just the idea that a piece of furniture that I used in my room as a child is now in my daughter's room makes me smile.

Sydney's yellow shif-a-robe

The other cabinet that my parents have given me is a pie safe that was used in my great-grandparents farm house in East Texas. My father tells me he remembers the pie safe from visits to his grandparents house; though, I have to admit I can't place where it stood in the house from my own memory. Well the house is falling down, but this little beauty still stands in stands in service of our family after a century of use.

The pie safe now stands in princess #2's bedroom.

While taking pictures of the green pie safe I was reminded of one more heirloom that love. The bassinet that sits on top of the green pie safe has held 3 generations of my families babies (my father, myself, and both of my children.)

I hope you have enjoyed the trip through my memories and my house. I'd love to here from you and to find out what you think.



  1. Hi there, just stopping by from the Heirloom party to say hello! Beautiful pieces, lucky you!

  2. Hello Amanda - thank you for joining the party! I absolutely love these heirloom pieces. The yellow shifarobe is so pretty! Love the sweet mirrors and little drawers. And the ball feet you added are charming! The pie safe is cute. Love the little white curtains. And that it serves as a piece in your daughter's room is so nice. Love the toys inside! And the bassinet is precious! So happy that you have these things to pass along to your daughters.


  3. Hi Amanda :)

    First off... welcome to Blogland! I love your home :)

    I found you via the party. Your heirlooms are wonderful! I especially love the color of your pie safe.

    Have a great Sunday!


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