Monday, September 14, 2009

Room happenings

We're up to remodeling around here. The front room in our house has been playing the role of storage room but it's being re-cast as the workout room. To get it ready we needed to do a little demo and painting. I decided to mention this to my hubby one day when we were at home together, and I also mentioned that I hoped it wouldn't too difficult to pull the paper down. The next thing I know he's in the front room effortlessly pealing the paper off. He had the room completely stripped within 10 minutes.
I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of the room before he pulled the wallpaper down so I had to take a pic of a wallpaper scrap.
Here's the room minus wall paper...and the carpet's coming up.
Bu-bye carpet.
Here's the hubs pulling up the carpet tacks.
Time to paint. Look at that yummy, creamy paint.
There it is, the painted room. We still need to do the floor and hang some window coverings (because who wants the neighbors to see you working out.)
Well, now to get the exercise out of the garage and in to the house where it might do us some good.


  1. Hey, good for you for having a workout room inside. Show pics when you're done!


  2. Please please please share any good advice you may have on Round Top! I would love to hear~

  3. Ooooh pretty...I can't wait to see the room all finished!

    Finding Fabulous

  4. Love your paint color, and I am jealous at how quickly the wallpaper came off! I have almost ripped my nails off trying to peel wallpaper before! :)

  5. This looks so much better already! How lucky for you that it was so easy to peel off! I've taken down wallpaper in a few rooms that took weeks to complete. Looking good!


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