Sunday, September 6, 2009

I luv me some fleur-de-lis

I am a collector. I've had to work hard over the years to not go nuts-o with a collection. I try to do this by sticking to collections of things that I really really love, and now that I have been collection those things for many year I stick to the items of those things that I find absolutely beautiful. I tend to be drawn to things that have more of a graphic quality.

The collection that I want to talk about today is my Fleur-di-lis. I can't explain what it is that draws me to them except their graphic quality, a graphic representation of of a lily. Maybe it's my memory of growing up visiting New Orleans. A city that I found sophisticated and exotic. Maybe my love of all things French influences their draw on me. What ever it is I find them hard to resist when I find them. They adorn my walls.
My fire place screen.
Electrical outlets
They are finials in my kitchen.
They stand sentinal in my garden.
They top bottles
and stand on my mantel.
One has even found it's way into a cloche.
And their simple beauty has crossed over into another one of my collections.

I love their simple beauty, romantic feel, and sculptural quality. Thanks for indulging in one of my obsessions.


  1. Those lightswitches are to die for! Love the one in the garden, too. Have you seen my chaise? It's an older post. It was such a find. Great colors for my house, cheap price tag and covered in fleur-de-lys :)

  2. What a gorgeous collection! I love your wall display!


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